Here are some great reasons to vote “Yes!” on Proposition S on Nov. 4. Check them out, and if you agreeĀ – please SHARE on Facebook.

1. The average Parkway school is now 45 years old and in need of basic maintenance and repairs, just like a 45-year-old home.

2. Hundreds of Parkway residents met over the course of a year to prioritize the ongoing maintenance and repair needs of our school buildings. They prepared the Parkway Facilities 2020 long-range plan.

3. The main areas of need our community identified include:
— Safety and security
— Basic school maintenance and repairs
— Science and technology

4. Prop S would allow our schools to upgrade the locks on more than 1,700 classroom doors to allow teachers to lock them from the inside in the event of an intruder situation.

5. Prop S would allow our schools to add safety film to designated school entrances and classroom door windows to delay an intruder trying to break through the glass. Our police departments strongly support any effort to delay an intruder.

6. Prop S would keep our schools up-to-date by replacing things like old roofs, HVAC units and plumbing systems. This preserves our schools for the next generation of students and protects our property values by keeping modern schools within the community.

7. Prop S would allow our middle schools to completely renovate their science labs. Most of these labs still have the original equipment from when the schools were built. Our students deserve better! The 2008 bond issue allowed our high schools to renovate their science labs. Now it’s time for our middle schools.

8. Prop S would expand the wireless capabilities in our schools to allow students to bring more devices to school and experience high-speed connectivity.

9. Prop S would begin to address major needs that have been deferred over the years at North High School.

10. For about $5 a month, we can address $94 million in critical needs in our schools. This small investment not only protects the quality of our schools, it also will allow Parkway to complete future phases of its Facilities 2020 long-range plan without additional tax increases.

11. Strong schools are not only good for our students. They are the foundation of strong communities and growing property values. Today, many areas of St. Louis County have declining property values, but they remain strong in Parkway due in large part to our outstanding schools. We need to continue to invest in our schools to preserve our home values.

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